3 million STEM jobs are left unfilled every year.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is the powerhouse and growth engine in today’s global economy.

In the US, about 600,000 students graduate in STEM disciplines each year – far below the number of STEM jobs available. While there are several factors behind this talent gap, it is clear that education plays a critical role in closing the gap.



Teach STEM skills through video games.

Children need to develop strong analytic and problem solving skills from an early age, and be motivated to pursue STEM careers. This is the mission of Istet Games.

Children today grow up natively digital, where the lines between information, entertainment, and learning are blurred. Our games combine the immersive graphics, multi-platform and multi-player capabilities of popular gaming titles that children love with the customized curriculum and automatic grading features that teachers and parents love.



The GBL market is growing at 33% annually.

Global Game-Based Learning (GBL) revenues are expected to quadruple over 5 years. Meanwhile, global private investment into GBL companies surpassed $18 billion in 2019, a historic high.

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